Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Whats the WRITE number of Books?!?!?!?!

Having spent such a long time writing Brunswick and then publishing and promoting it, I had become immersed in the idea that my first book needed to be a huge success before I could possible publish another. Hmm the trouble is I also underestimated how writing and publishing Brunswick would give me the gallons of fuel I needed to suddenly put all my ideas in to words.

Since Brunswick there are eight other books that I'm going to be writing and publishing, and they are flowing really well but really quickly. I thought maybe the speed of my writing would affect the quality of the book. Having read them through, I was wrong!!! And so my dilemma begins, how many books do you publish and promote at the same time??? I would love to have all my books on Amazon and Smashwords and even in print, all at the same time. The thing is do I run the risk of one book over taking the other or shadowing in anyway. My books are my babies and I put so much of myself in to them that I worry one will not get the attention it deserves from me and therefore the readers. So what do I do and how do I overcome this? I am already half way through my next novel Mary and although I was planning to have it out in July, I'm pretty sure it will only be a few weeks until its published. I know that its not a bad thing to be able to offer as many of my books as possible to my readers, it's just learning to find the right balance between offering a lot and ramming it down peoples throat (which I'm not a fan of!) is really quite hard. At least it is for me!!!

Normally blogs like this are like a short story in which it actually has a resolution to the conflict. A kind of "this was my problem and this is how I overcame it with success". However this blog is more of a question and if any of you guys out there wish to comment with ideas and opinions on my dilemma, that would be great.

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