Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I never meant to write a Fantasy novel? xxx

Of all the books that are stored up in my brain, Brunswick was the first one I wanted to write. It came from the idea that as we get older our imagination and beliefs change. I watched my son when he was about four years of age turn his bedroom in to an entirely different world. If I walked in to the room he would stop me in my tracks and tell me to be careful of traps. Then he would navigate me through the room until I was safe. Of course I could of just said "don't be silly" and barged in, but where's the fun in that. He spent the whole time thinking he was a hero and that he had rescued his Mum from bear traps and I spent the whole time telling him that he WAS a hero for saving me. Watching him play as a toddler it just astounded me that he really did believe in the game that he was playing. He could really see and create things that strongly, I mean it was amazing to watch. Now of course he is a teenager and spends more time defeating monsters on his PlayStation or killing the competition at athletics (not literally of course) than rescuing his dear old Mum from bears. It doesn't matter though, because he gave me the idea 10 years ago that what if "just because you cant see it, doesn't make it any less real" was in fact a true statement. I mean it kind of is, you cant see love but we know that's real right? Ive always loved the story about Peter Pan, not just the boy never growing up bit but the part about the imagination being a powerful thing. It really is, and it kind of comes in to play with the supernatural stuff as well, I mean thanks to your imagination you would be more scared in a creepy house than your own home maybe? Or like when someone is afraid of the dark? So when I started to plan the story for Brunswick I was originally heading for the supernatural twist, but my son played a part so heavily in it that it became a fantasy about a young man, like Jonathan. All the ideas and characters just naturally flowed towards the Fantasy genre. Not that I'm upset about this, I love fantasy, I was just shocked that it went that way. I am a "go with the flow" person though and I write what comes naturally and although I was surprised a Fantasy story came naturally, I'm glad it did. I believe I was meant to write Brunswick the way that I have and I couldn't be happier with it.

For all of you that have or will in the future read it, I hope you are happy with it too!!

Happy Blogging

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  1. It all sounds so tantalizing. I can't wait to read it.