Friday, 16 March 2012

YA Debut Author Challenge

So the Story Siren is running a great challenge, the Debut Author Challenge. I have obviously asked to be involved, seeing as I am a 2012 debut author, but also I am going to participate as well I think. The challenge is to read 12 books before the end of December, that's 1 book per month or however quickly you would like to read. They have to be DEBUTS though, you can get the rules and the list via The Story Siren's blog. There are giveaways and a travelling book tour for you to borrow the books through. Go to The Story Sirens blog, you can get there through the live button on here, and check it out. Get involved, not only will you be supporting many debut authors but you may read and fall in love with a book you never thought you would. I love things like this they are always good for keeping an open mind and maybe even opening a few closed ones!!!

Give it a go, enjoy!!!

Happy Blogging

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