Thursday, 12 April 2012

Scary Mary xxxxx

So I go on about Brunswick all the time, because it's my first born, but I'm going to start wetting your whistle with my new novel Mary now. Its a lot more supernatural than Brunswick but as you may have seen in my previous post I never meant to write a fantasy!!

All the books that live in my head are supernatural and at the moment I am giving a new twist to the Mary Legend. I L.O.V.E urban legends. I have always been fascinated by them and the psychology they carry. The effect that they have on people is great because it varies so much. Even the non-believers have so much to say. Bloody Mary is one of my favourites as mirrors in the supernatural realm have always held a lot of power and secrets.
When I was a little girl my big sisters told me that if you starred in the mirror long enough you would see the face of the devil. Of course this little legend was a way to stop the devil that is vanity, but it didn't stop a little Ann from being scared to hold my reflection for to long. As I got older I did it purposely to make sure that I got to see the Devil. Of course this never happened and all I got was bad eyesight, thank you sisters!!!, but my curiosity with all things supernatural never went away. I grew up loving horror books and horror movies, the psychological side of it fascinated me and still does.
I tried the Bloody Mary chant before and nothing happened, no proof for me, but I read so many reports of something happening to people when they did it. It just made me think why is it different for some than for others. Now whether you believe the reports to be true or not is neither here nor there, the person making the report about 80% of the time does believe something happened to them. Some have even walked away with injuries? I think that's fascinating because it must be a psychological thing, what is in this persons psyche to make it such a different and traumatic experience for them. Most paranormal investigators have never seen a ghost but many have witnessed poltergeist activity which is, apparently, linked to the psyche.
I'm a bit of a hippy I must admit and I truly think all things are connected. I believe heavily in fate and also in new beginnings and karma.
Anyway before I start to ramble about my beliefs and fascinations too much, I should say that that is why I chose this story. I've mixed it up a little and have my own little twisted idea as to the Bloody Mary Legend. I'll keep you posted and I promise a sneaky peek at the prologue just like I did with Brunswick.

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