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My second novel Mary will be released on Friday 6th July! Check out the blurb below...........

When Mary leaves her home in London she does it in silence.  Moving to Bell House seems like the perfect fresh start for the Pendleton family, even if Mary isn’t quite on board. But when things start to fall in to place she finds that life in the village of Eires Green is better than she had hoped. Her new friends are a breath of fresh air and Zach is the most gorgeous and charming boy she had ever met.
When she finds old photographs in her attic she is captivated by the age and history of Bell House and a strange feeling of familiarity sets in. She feels the same way about her kooky friend Peggy who seems drawn to Mary’s Grandmother and far from happy about her feelings for Zach. But it’s the arrival of an Urban Legends book, left on her front porch, which really starts her history lesson. Having been bookmarked at the Bloody Mary legend she is faced with the fact that Bell House has an even more dark and tragic past than her own.
She is watched by a figure in the trees surrounding her home and haunted by the cries of a woman at night, and when she starts to see things in the mirrors her curiosity takes hold and Bloody Mary is called. Running for her life and trying to find a way to stop the apparition that wants her blood, Mary Pendleton is about to find out that running from your past is not an easy thing. Even if the past you’re running from doesn’t belong to you.

My Debut novel Brunswick is available now! Check out the blurb below...........

When Jonathan wakes up beside a lake bruised and bleeding, he has no idea how he got there or where “there” really is. He must try to remember how he ended up in this place and why.

When he meets Grace and a group of people that seem to want to help him, he is thrown in to a world that he doesn’t know. Haunted by visions and voices in his head, Jonathan soon realises that this world isn’t as safe as he’d hoped.

Taken from his life and asked to save a land he knows nothing about, from a menacing hooded figure, Jonathan must learn quickly to survive. As he struggles to stay alive long enough to get home he is faced with a deadly choice, Join It or Die. And when it becomes clear that so many would do anything to kill him he must stay close to those who would kill for him.

To stay alive and get home he must face the one thing he never wanted to, the figure in black. And when the hood comes down Jonathan is faced with a revelation that could break him and destroy everything he has fought for.

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