Sunday, 15 April 2012

A little Tweak!!

I'm not just a writer, I'm an avid reader as well. I love to read and although I have my favourite genre's and favourite writers, I love finding new ones and taking chances on new books. Since penning my first book, well typing anyway, I have been very lucky to have come across a number of great books and great authors. I'd like to share them with you guys too. So this blog is now open to some great recommendations. If you would like to see a particular featured author or book, even an author interview then please join the blog and leave a comment for me. 

I have my first featured author on my blog right now!! M J Webb is a great writer who's book's are very exciting. Check the page out and see for yourselves. Reviews and interviews will start soon so stay tuned.

Happy Reading


  1. I love that you are doing this. So I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award.

  2. Really? Oh thanks Sadie thats lovely of you, I'm really chuffed!!!