Wednesday, 2 May 2012

M J Webb Is my featured author this week. Stay tuned for reviews of his books and if we are lucky we may get an interview soon. He is an auhtor to try, trust me. You will enjoy.

M J Webb is a forty-something father of two from Walsall in England. He is a
full time worker and writes in his spare time, though he would love to
change that fact. So far, he has penned two novels, 'Jake West - The Keeper
of the Stones' and the sequel 'Jake West - Warriors of the Heynai'. A third
novel (as yet untitled) will complete the trilogy, though it is a work in
progress which should hopefully be finished by the end of the year.

The stories tell of the adventures of fifteen year old Jake and his best
friend, Ben Brooker. The teenage boys from Lichfield, England discover a box
in Jake's grandfather's attic, a box which cannot be opened by anyone other
than Jake, or a member of his family. Jake opens it by accident for there
are no hinges or catches of any description. By doing so, he inadvertently
alerts warriors and wizards on distant worlds to it's existence. Now he is
being hunted across worlds. An epic journey has begun on which his life will
be in peril every step of the way, and he is about to learn from his
grandfather of some strange family secrets.
The action is fast and furious. The stakes can be no higher.
If Jake West, the new 'Keeper of the Stones' cannot protect them, restore
them, he cannot go home and the future of our world and many others is at

You can buy the novels online everywhere and you can check
out M J Webb's site at

There is a facebook fangroup called ‘Fans of Jake West’ as
well as an M J Webb author's page. He is also on Twitter, Librarything and

For all fans of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings these
books are a must. They are a compelling read and the reviews so far have
been extraordinary.

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